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Baj: Playing style (of tabla)
Bansuri: Bamboo flute
Bhajan: Hindu devotional song
Carnatic: The southern classical tradition
Dadra: Light classical song
Dhrupad: Ancient and revered vocal genre
Dhun: Short piece in the style of folk music
Gharana: Style of music related to particular cities and families
Ghazal: Light classical song based on the Urdu poetic type of the same name
Gurushishya: The tradition of handing down music parampara from master to pupil
Hindustani: The northern classical tradition
Jugalbandi: Duet
Kajri: Light classical or folk-derived song
Kathak: The main type of Hindustani dance
Khyal: The main genre of Hindustani vocal music
Pandit: Learned man (Hindu)
Qawwali: Muslim (Sufi) devotional song
Raga: Melodic type or mode, which is the basis of Indian classical music, of which there are hundreds in common use
Rasa: Sentiment; the aesthetic basis of the Indian arts; nine rasas (nava rasa or navras) are commonly recognised
Sangeet: The nearest equivalent to "classical music", comprising vocal music, instrumental music, and dance.
Santoor: Hammered dulcimer
Sarangi: Bowed stringed instrument
Sarod: Plucked unfretted stringed instrument
Shehnai: Oboe or shawm
Shastra: Sanskrit treatise
Sitar: Plucked fretted stringed instrument
Tabla: Two small hand-beaten drums
Tala: Rhythm cycle, commonly from six to sixteen beats, though several others are also used
Tarana: Vocal genre, often sung within a khyal performance
Thumri: Prominent light classical song of a romantic and devotional nature
Ustad: Master (Muslim)

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