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Navras Records, now in its 15th year, already enjoys the reputation of a highly respected and widely appreciated label and is seen by both the musicians and the listeners alike as a prestigious label with an output of quality music. Navras, which was established in July 1992, has one of the largest and most diverse catalogues among labels specialising in Classical and Traditional Music from the Indian sub-continent.

The Navras Catalogue is now available internationally in over thirty countries through the support of our distribution network at retail outlets and by mail order. This catalogue was brought to the Indian market originally through Navras Records (Pvt.) Ltd in early 1995. Since December 1998, the Navras Catalogue has been licensed to Sony Music for the Indian sub-continent and the Arabian Gulf countries and is released through Sony Năd label.

As is well known, Navras Records was created as a label with a view to bring out some of the outstanding live performances of classical and traditional music given the predominantly improvisational nature of this genre. Over the past 15 years or so, we have published archival and freshly recorded material with these criteria in mind and virtually all the classical titles and many of the traditional titles have been taken from live recordings. Navras continues to present quality events in the UK details of which can be found in our events section.

To-date, getting on to 300 CD issues, encompassing some 250 titles (allowing for some double and triple CD albums) have been released. We have also produced two CD ROMs entitled "Raga: An Interactive Guide To Indian Classical Music" which forms an excellent medium for the uninitiated and “Sitar Guru” a guide to the Vilayatkhani style of sitar. We have released 13 live concert DVDs. In addition to the traditional classical vocal and instrumental titles, our Catalogue now also comprises of many other sub-genres of this music form, such as light classical Ghazals and Thumris, Percussion and Classical Dance Music, Sufi Music and Carnatic music. Not withstanding this diversification our emphasis and commitment to the quality and traditionality of the genre has not been diluted. We are keen to stretch our repertoire to the extremes of the boundaries within the context of outstanding, traditional music, retaining its indigenous character and its historical, classical and folk elements.

The dynamic growth of this label has been inspired by the concept of NAV RASA, fundamental to Indian aesthetics as applied to its performing arts, and defined by the sage Bharata, in his ancient treatise “Natya Shastra” some two thousand years back. The concept of Nav (Nine) Rasa (sentiments or emotions) and the Raga theory of Indian music are integral to recordings. Indeed, our name and logo (capturing the colour manifestations of the nine rasas) are inspired by this concept. A link to the past, a cultural bridge to the present – that is the Navras ethos!

Neil Sorrell
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