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Interview with Lakshmi Shankar Back
8. Outside of music and performing, what are your other interests?
Cooking, Reading, Sewing
9. Life as a musician is nomadic by nature, how does your family feel about this lifestyle? How do you balance life as a musician and family life?
My family consisted of my mother, husband, and two children, who were almost grown up when I started my career. But if it wasn't for my husband and motherís help and encouragement, I could not have achieved what I have!
10. How are you able to sit on a stage for hours in one position and cross-legged?!
I really do not know! I suppose years of practice help. Of late, the problem is getting up!
11. What is your favourite raga(s) and before performing how do you decide what to perform?
All ragas are melodious and beautiful if handled well! But I feel certain ragas have special appeal to certain Gharanas. My favourites would be Malkauns, Todi, Kirwani, Charukesi, Piloo, Pahari, Jog, and Bhairavi. Although I plan my concerts, many a time I have changed items according to the audienceís reactions. One can feel the pulse of the audience.
12. What is your criteria for choosing a particular accompanist?
Sensitivity, good anticipation and understanding and of course, most of all perfect training.

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